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Rise and Shine 
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I am a proactive and passionate visual artist, a “mixer “and “producer “of figurative culturally Australian inspired works. My artwork references Australian history, and iconography and explores the varying relationships between popular culture and fine art. My work appropriates, produces and mixes images from popular Australian culture which merge high and low art, and explore colour and shape. My artwork captures the viewer providing a sense of familiarity and enchantment within my culturally Australian inspired works. 

I have a preoccupation with the formal elements of surface, space, pattern, and colour, and an intellectual interest in exploring place, narrative and identity. My artworks reflect elements of pop art, of post-modern appropriation, of formalism, and an appreciation of  texture, line, colour and shape.

Tracey esteves art

Tracey esteves art

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What makes Tracey Esteves' work unique?

"Tracey Esteves Art's bold, iconographic style makes her a distinctly recognisable artist in the Australian contemporary art space. "Frances Keevil Gallery Double Bay

“The subject matter is distinctly Australian…the audience instantly recognises it…it’s part of our DNA.”  Johnny Romeo Internationally acclaimed Australian Pop Artist (Katoomba 2018).

"I strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to witness Tracey's extraordinary and vibrant artworks firsthand. They are truly quite remarkable. " Guy Zangari MP

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