Born in Sydney Australia 
Lives & works in Sydney, Australia

Instagram: traceyestevesart

Bachelor of Art education

NSW University Sydney (City art institute)


“The subject matter is distinctly Australian…the audience instantly recognises it…it’s part of our DNA.”  Johnny Romeo Internationally acclaimed Australian Pop Artist (Katoomba 2018).


I am a proactive and passionate visual artist, a “mixer “and “producer “of figurative culturally Australian inspired works. My artwork references Australian history, and iconography and explores the varying relationships between popular culture and fine art. My work appropriates, produces and mixes images from popular Australian culture which merge high and low art, and explore colour and shape. My artwork captures the viewer providing a sense of familiarity and enchantment within my culturally Australian inspired works. 

I have a preoccupation with the formal elements of surface, space, pattern, and colour, and an intellectual interest in exploring place, narrative and identity. My artworks reflect elements of pop art, of post-modern appropriation, of formalism, and an appreciation of  texture, line, colour and shape.


“The subject matter is distinctly Australian…the audience instantly recognises it…it’s part of our DNA.”  Johnny Romeo Internationally acclaimed Australian Pop Artist (Katoomba 2018)


."Tracey Esteves Art's bold, iconographic style makes her a distinctly recognisable artist in the Australian contemporary art space. "Frances Keevil Gallery Double Bay

"Tracey Esteves Art uniquely combines elements of Pop Art, Formalism and Post-Modernism in her iconographic work. 

Expect bold colours, defining lines and characteristic stylisation in her latest exhibition."  Frances Keevil Gallery Double Bay



Solo Exhibitions

2018 May 19th – 26th- First Solo Art exhibition “AUSTRALIAN LEGENDS AND STORIES” Gallery 0ne 88 Fine Arts Katoomba opening address Johnny Romeo. Curator Victor Peralta.

2018 August 1st- September 6th -Solo Exhibition “AUSTOPIA” Downing Centre Foyer Display Cases, Sydney.

2018 December 3rd – January 5th - Solo Exhibition “THE LUCKY COUNTRY” Art house Hotel Sydney, Galleries Victoria.

2019 January 3rd- February 5th Solo Exhibition “A SENSE OF BELONGING” Dragon’s Lair Gallery, Hurstville Museum and Gallery. Curated by Dr. Birgit Heilmann MPHA

2019 March 5th – 24th TRACEY ESTEVES new collection exhibition Frances Keevil Gallery Double Bay

2019 26th May- 24th June “AUSTOPIA No.2 ”Solo exhibition Downing Centre Sydney

9th November  2019  Collaboration with Proud Living  Silverwater 12 artworks on display in the showroom

2019 24th October- 27th October The Other Art Fair Barangaroo Sydney

Group Exhibitions

2019 28th May -16th June “EQUUS” Art group exhibition Frances Keevil Gallery Double Bay

2019 INTERNATIONAL WOMEN"S  day exhibition Frances Keevil Gallery

2019 8th November “Wonderland” exhibition Tamarama  Beach in conjunction with  Sculptures by the sea.

2019 13th December to 15th December "VIP LIPS" Gallery 109 Manly Sydney Australia

2019 14th December to 23rd December The Final Picture show the end of year exhibition Frances Keevil Gallery

Up and coming solo exhibitions 2020

February 2020 NSW Parliament Fairfield electorate office Guy Zangari  Solo exhibition

May 2020 “ Solo Show” Thienny Lee Gallery Edgecliff Sydney NSW


October 2020 Solo Exhibition "Visions of Australia" NSW State Parliament House Macquarie Street Sydney "Fountain Court" 



A number of my works are currently held by private collectors both in Australia and overseas.



Phone:  0404058477