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It is an absolute honour to have been chosen to have my artwork featured in a solo show at NSW Parliament house. I am pleased to Announce that My exhibition "The spirit of Australia a time and place" will be opening on the 7th October until 30th October 2020. Guy Zangari MP will be hosting this exhibition.The exhibition can be viewed virtually on line by visiting the NSW Parliament web site in October. The fountain court at this stage remains closed to the general public but is open to NSW Government members who are still sitting. This will be my largest exhibition to date with over 40 works on display.

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New South Wales Legislative Assembly PARLIAMENTARY DEBATES (HANSARD) Fifty-Seventh Parliament First Session Wednesday, 4 March 2020 Authorised by the Parliament of New South Wales







For those who are unaware, my office has recently started a new initiative which aims to promote the arts and specifically the talents and works of artists located throughout the greater Fairfield community. The Fairfield electorate office will be home to a rotating art exhibition that showcases a variety of different works while providing our local artists with a platform to publicly display their art for all to see. For some artists this may very well be the first opportunity they receive to have their works exhibited for public viewing while others are seasoned professionals. Irrespective of their backgrounds, we want to provide the local community space to enjoy and appreciate the art that has been created by one of the many talented local artists. The inaugural Fairfield art exhibition began in February and showcased the works of Ms Tracey Esteves, who is not only a local artist but also a local art teacher. The exhibition launch was extra special as Tracey had some very special guests present: her art students from Patrician Brothers' College, Fairfield. Tracey's students were fortunate to have received a detailed lesson about the various techniques, skills and art styles that were used to create each artwork on display in the exhibition and some inspirational words about each piece. Having grown up in Sydney's western suburbs, Tracey spent much of her childhood exploring the suburbs while developing a love of Australian culture and iconography, which inspires her works to this day and is evident in most of her pieces. When asked about her art, Tracey has said: Inspired by truly Aussie culture, I use images that evoke emotions connecting feelings one has when identifying with being uniquely aussie. Each artwork is an honest, authentic and sometimes comedic representation of bygone eras from the Aussie cultural landscape. I want the viewer to be immersed in iconography from yesterday juxtaposed against the progression of today. My colours are bright, welcoming and draw you in to an otherwise forgotten landscape of childhood memories of times past and lost forever in the emergence of progress. Using a variety of mixed media, I use the power of outline to enhance each element in my work drawing the viewer ever closer. I strongly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to witness Tracey's extraordinary and vibrant artworks firsthand. They are truly quite remarkable. Tracey has two upcoming exhibitions this year. The first, in May, is entitled "Solo Show" at the Thienny Lee Gallery in Edgecliff. Members will get their chance to see her works soon, as her second exhibition will be at the New South Wales Parliament in October. I commend and congratulate Tracey for her ongoing efforts to inspire and train future generations of up-and-coming local artists. I extend to her my appreciation for agreeing to be the first local artist to participate in the Fairfield art exhibition. The Fairfield City Art Society has been chosen to exhibit its art throughout March, with the new exhibit starting this week. The society's art will be on display to the public at my office and I encourage you all to pay us a visit and see the exhibition for yourselves. It has truly been great to see the inaugural art exhibition receive such a warm welcome from the community and we have Tracey to thank for her authentically Aussie artwork. The Fairfield art exhibition is almost completely booked out for the remainder of the year. However, I encourage any local artist who wishes to have their works exhibited to not hesitate to get in touch with my office. We would be happy to have a chat. I thank all the artists for their contributions and for making the exhibition possible. Together we can help promote the arts in our local community while bringing happiness and inspiration to so many people.